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The Auto Detailing Podcast

Apr 11, 2016

Jimbo Answers Your Listener Submitted Questions.

This is a pretty awesome episode, I hope you guys enjoy it - If you want to have more episodes like this reach out to me via Facebook at and write me a message.

This is a sneak peak into a "date night" with the wife and I taken over by you guys!


  1. How do we deal with water restrictions in California? Where do mobile detailers get there water from?
  2. imboo, do you skateboard or have you?
  3. Hey I'm curious about these air purifier/ionizers. Do they work? If so, is there anything to look at to determine the best one? I'm trying to keep that good smell in my car.
  4. Boxers or briefs?
  5. I would like to hear more about how small detail business owners handle the hiring and/or contracting of employees, especially in the state of California.
  6. Miller lite or Bud light?
  7. If you could modify one car, build it up to anything you like, what car would it be? And what would you do to it.
  8. Least favorite thing to clean on a car?
  9. What part does your faith play in the way you handle your business dealings, integrity, and decision making?
  10. Have your podcasts helped you build credibility by locking in new clients?
  11. Are black cars worth the hassle?
  12. Do you and your wife work and detail together? If you do - how do you both balance your personal relationship with your business/work relationship?
  13. What can those detail business owners who abide by all the laws and regulations pertaining to their business do about those who ignore the laws and regulations and undercut the prices the law-Abiding detail business owner? It hurts those business owners and hurts the industry
  14. Do bears shit in the woods?
  15. Another one, what came first the detailer or the hack?
  16. What are a few tricks you first used when you started out to approach a potential client or even a business park setting. I'm struggling with trying to figure out what exactly to say and or do.
  17. This is for the Mrs.… Now how exactly did you end up with Jimbo.

    And Jimbo Balaam...Do black cars matter?

  18. If you were to start again what would you do differently and why and how would you these changes benefit you today.
  19. Have you hired any employees and your reasoning behind your decision. I remember a while back on your podcast where you were talking about possibly not hiring and how Darren Priest went from employees to no employees. I think it's a tough decision for a lot of us that are still solo but would like to grow or have help.
  20. Do you still believe Darren Priest is your brother from another mother?
  21. Do you use an accountant and/or tax professional? Or do you do it yourself?
  22. Do you use and/or recommend any particular software, i.e. The better software?
  23. Are you "process" driven or "results" driven? And which one should be at the hierarchy for maximum profitability?
  24. How to stuff a thanksgiving turkey. oh what's your personal procedures when doing a full car start to finish i.e. Wash, clay, paint, interior etc.....
  25. How do you handle admin stuff, networking, flying out of state for correction/coating jobs/events, client relationship building, phone calls, texts, FB messages, IG DM's, emails, nurturing potential new opportunities, following up with clients for maintenance details..... AND STILL PROVE, THROUGH ACTIONS TO YOUR WIFE, THAT YOU ARE THE BEST FATHER/HUSBAND YOU CAN BE.... AND THAT YOU CARE TO GROW YOUR RELATIONSHIP THE SAME AS YOU DO YOUR BUSINESS.... If your name isn't Kevin Davis?
  26. When should I use a harder foam pad with a polish, and when a softer pad?

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