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The Auto Detailing Podcast

Aug 26, 2019

Hey, what's up everyone and welcome to this episode of The Auto Detailing Podcast. This is episode 399 this week's episode is brought to you by You could save 20% on microfiber towels and accessories at, and if you use offer code Jimbo. They also have a towel of the month which is rad and you should definitely join. It's like peanuts every month to join and you get a fresh towel to kind of sample to see if you would be interested in buying that one.

Anyway, also brought to you by Housecall Pro. If you go to for Auto Detailing Podcast, you're going to get a free demo to see how this CRM or this customer relationship management software works. It's interesting. I've had a few other CRM companies reach out to me lately and kind of show me what they have to offer and it just reassured me how robust and easy to use Housecall Pro is from everything, from letting clients know that you're on your way in a simple kind of easy to tap button that connects to your GPS and so it gives an accurate ETA to your client, which is cool, all within the app.

What I really like is I also have it automatically. So there's a button in Housecall Pro app that I hit finish when I'm done with the job and it automatically triggers a series of events that happen. So everything from the customer automatically will get a text thanking them for supporting my small business with a link to leave a review, which is incredible, seven days, and you can kind of preset this however you want. Seven days after the service, they get an email, the client gets an email again thanking them for the service, asking for a review and if there's anything that we can help them with. Then I have another sequence about three months out reminding them of another detail, six months out and a year out, all that get triggered automatically. They also get a postcard in the mail thanking them.

So a lot of what we talk about in the Detailer Inner Circle is that you never know how or what form of marketing is going to work best for your client. So that's why HouseCall Pro makes it super easy. I don't have to think about any of this because automatically set up for me and I've set it up to do this on purpose. So again, all you have to do is input your client information, which you should be doing anyway in a centralized place, which is HouseCall Pro and then boom, boom, boom, boom. The job, the history, the customer history, you can set tags, all this crazy stuff. There's actually too much information to even talk about in an ad roll. So just go to You'll get a free demo. You're going to get half off your first month if you choose to sign up. So yeah, do that.

Anyway, so we're all good. All right now, now that we've got the housekeeping under control. This episode I thought would be really fun and it's actually something that I want to start and you probably saw by the title, it's detailing horror stories, right? As detailers, we have the kind of fortunate or unfortunate position that we're usually a lot of things, more than a detailer. We're a psychologist, sometimes a doctor, more times than not a marriage counselor. Sometimes you're a handyman, you're a plumber, you're a painter, you're a lot of things and a detailer at the same time, and I think that's because we're so close to most of our clients, at least this happens to me and I've actually been all those things.

Anyways, so I wanted to create a new segment or a new podcast series of detailing horror stories. So today, it's from Joe Conley who's been on the show and Joe's an awesome guy. But I do want to invite you, if you have a detailing horror story to email it to me, and in the subject line put detailing horror stories and I will read your detailing horror story on a future podcast just like this one. I think it'll be fun. I think it'll be really interesting to hear what other people, other detailers go through. I know that there's a ton of detail in horror stories out there.

So this episode today is going to be Joe Conley's horror story. Again, Joe has been on the podcast at least twice before, maybe three times and so I would definitely encourage you to search his name in Auto Detailing Podcast and find his previous episodes. He's a teacher full time, details part time and has had tremendous success with things like Google AdWords and all that kind of things. So I would really suggest you check out his episodes because he's a cool guy. He's a great guy and has a ton of valuable information. But today's detailing horror story is by him and this is his email.

He says, "So I'm minding my own business detailing a fleet of vehicles at a funeral home that I've worked for before. I knock out a few vehicles in the morning. I take a break for lunch. I come back from lunch and there's a big metal box in the corner of the double wide, double deep garage that is humming away. It sounds like an industrial size AC unit, but no, it's actually a furnace for cremation. Oh by the way, fun fact. I asked how long it takes to cremate a body and the answer is about four hours. So not only am I detailing for the rest of the day next to a body being burned up, one of the funeral directors then comes out about a half hour later and gets .... A half hour later and lets me know he has to shut the garage door for a bit. He closed it, halfway, opened up the door on the furnace and turned the body over. I didn't know you need to turn a body mid cremation, but apparently that's a thing."

So Joe says, "I challenge your listeners to send in their weird detailing stories. What is the strangest or grossest thing they found under a seat? How many manual cars did they crash by forgetting to reapply the parking brake after cleaning the brake boot? What's the funniest thing that happened to them while detailing?" So thanks Joe for writing in that story. That is very interesting and incredibly uncomfortable. Thanks for that little note at the bottom. I did manage to crash a customer's car, not because I cleaned the boot so well, and in fact I didn't get to clean the car at all. I was trying to reposition the car and at the time didn't know how to drive a manual well enough on a steep hill and crushed it right into the brick in slow motion. So thanks for making me relive that, Joe. I appreciate it.

So yes, I want to encourage you, what are your detailing horror stories or weird stories? Have you ever detailed a car next to a body that's being cremated? That's one that I've never experienced and never heard before and kind of gives me the heebie-jeebies even thinking about. But anyway, I want to hear your detailing horse stories. Again, email them to me, and in the subject line write detailing horror stories and your detailing horror story will get a chance on the auto detailing podcast. Now I have a slight suspicion that I'm going to be overwhelmed by this and that's why I'm having you do it very specifically in the subject line so I can go through it.

So if you do write it in, give me some time with it. But I promise that I will share your story on this podcast. So thanks for listening guys. Don't forget to check out HouseCall Pro, Of course we have the Detailer Inner Circle and all the things. I appreciate you for listening and I will catch you guys on the next episode. I cannot wait to hear about your detailing horror stories. See you.


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